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I build Web & Mobile Applications

Web Apps

From the early days, I focused on building modern web applications using technologies like Angular. Optimized for both desktop and mobile devices combined with my passion for cool user interfaces make these web applications so unique.

Mobile Apps

I develop mobile apps that look and feel the same on both iOS and Android using Google's Flutter. If you have an awesome idea for an app and want to ship fast for both platforms, don't wait to get in touch.

Backend Services

I develop backend services with NodeJS (Express), Spring Boot, and PHP together with Swagger tools for API development and persist data in both SQL and NO-SQL databases. Also, I like to ship these services in containers using Docker.


I can assist with the development of web apps, mobile apps, and backend services, as well as making the right technology and design decisions for your business. If you need consulting on these matters, do not hesitate to reach out.


Technologies I love working with

About me

Klaus Brandner

Hi, my name is Klaus and I'm super passionate about web apps, mobile apps, and cool user interface designs. I have a Master's Degree in business informatics and worked at the Johannes Kepler University in the software engineering department in the area of software architecture for a year. I worked on a research project for Architecture Information Management and Visualisation and developed a tool called KOSMOS which is now in use in a big software company in the banking sector in Austria. The tool was built following a microservice architecture using technologies like Docker, NodeJS, Angular, and Neo4j. I am still involved in the project as a consultant and software developer.

Having had my own side business for five years as a web developer I followed my passion and became a full self-employed web and mobile developer beginning 2020. Ever since I am involved in various projects to consult and build web apps, mobile apps, backend services, making technology and design decisions.